Water Softners

Water Softners

We have a team of experienced technicians at Friday’s Plumbing who can quickly repair and maintain your water softener to avoid the damaging effects of hard water. We provide a variety of cost-effective contract service options tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your water softener operates efficiently, reliably, and for an extended period of time. When the resin bed in your water softener needs to be replaced, our water softener resin replacement service can help restore its performance.

Investing in a water softener can make a significant difference in your life by reducing limescale buildup on shower glass and faucets, extending the life of washing machines and dishwashers, and saving money on energy bills. A water softener can also provide you with softer skin, more luxurious showers, and softer, brighter clothes. Contact us today to learn more about our water softener service, maintenance, and repair options and to gain firsthand knowledge of the advantages of owning a water softener.

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Friday’s Plumbing has a team of Gas Safe registered engineers who can provide expert boiler and gas services. We provide a full range of boiler installation, repair, and maintenance services, as well as gas safety inspections. With our expert knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, you can be confident that your boiler and gas systems are in good hands.


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We specialise in the installation, repair, and maintenance of both vented and unvented cylinders at Friday’s Plumbing. Our experienced technicians can recommend the best option for your needs and budget, as well as ensure that your cylinder is properly installed and running efficiently. We also provide repair and maintenance services to ensure that your cylinder is always operating at peak performance.


Friday’s Plumbing provides underfloor heating installation services for a comfortable and efficient heating system. Our skilled technicians can advise you on the best underfloor heating system for your home or business and ensure that it is properly installed and running smoothly. Underfloor heating provides a warm and comfortable environment without the use of bulky radiators or heaters.


If your water softener fails, you must have it repaired as soon as possible if hard water damage is to be avoided.

We provide a variety of cost-effective contract service options that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your water softener continues to function properly and extending its serviceable life. You will receive preferential treatment for break-down and call-out service as a service contract customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many homes and businesses rely on water softeners to ensure the efficient and cost-effective operation of downstream processes. Hard water, or water with high calcium and magnesium levels, can cause limescale buildup on appliances and pipework. This can result in decreased efficiency, higher energy consumption, and even equipment failure. A water softener works by passing hard water through a resin bed designed specifically to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water. The resin bed is typically composed of small plastic beads coated with an ion-exchange resin. The calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water are replaced by sodium ions from the resin bed as it passes through the resin bed.

After passing through the resin bed, the hard water is now considered “soft” water and can be used safely in downstream processes without causing limescale buildup. Soft water is preferable for cleaning because it leaves fewer residues and produces a more effective lather when combined with soap and detergent. Friday’s Plumbing provides comprehensive water softener installation, maintenance, and repair services to help you maintain the efficiency and reliability of your downstream processes. Contact us today to find out more about our water softener solutions and how we can assist you in reaping the benefits of soft water.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your water softener operates efficiently and reliably. Water softener resin beds can become clogged with minerals over time, reducing their effectiveness in removing calcium and magnesium ions from the water. As a result, it’s critical to have your water softener serviced once a year to ensure peak performance and avoid costly repairs.

Our technicians will inspect the resin bed during a water softener service, looking for signs of damage, wear, or tear. They will also inspect the system’s valves and controls to ensure they are in good working order. They will also perform a water hardness test to ensure that the water softener is working properly.

Regular maintenance can help your water softener last longer and save you money on future repairs. Friday’s Plumbing is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining the efficiency and dependability of your water softener through our expert maintenance services.

Using a water softener has numerous advantages that can improve your quality of life significantly. One of the most significant advantages is the reduction of limescale buildup on shower glass and faucets. Hard water can leave unsightly stains on bathroom fixtures, but a water softener can help you avoid limescale buildup and keep your bathroom looking clean and new.

Water softeners can also help your washing machines and dishwashers last longer. Hard water can cause mineral buildup inside these appliances, reducing their efficiency and causing them to fail prematurely. You can prevent mineral buildup and keep your appliances running efficiently for longer by using a water softener. Another advantage of using a water softener is that it can help you save money on your energy bills. Hard water can cause mineral buildup in pipes and appliances, lowering efficiency and increasing energy consumption.

  • Water softerners help you spend less time cleaning limescale from showering glass and taps
  • They increase the life of washing machines and dishwashers.
  • A saving on your energy bills by boilers, hot-water cylinders and appliances working more efficiently.
  • Smoother skin and luxurious showering
  • Save around £300 a year on washing power and detergents as much less is needed to create the same affect.
  • Softer brighter clothes.
  • Give you Peace of mind. As you can see owning a water softener makes a big difference to your life and doesn’t take long to pay you back for your investment.

Yes, we provide a water softener resin replacement service to restore your unit’s performance when the resin bed needs to be replaced. Our skilled technicians can remove the old resin bed and replace it with new ion exchange resin, ensuring that your water softener runs efficiently and consistently.