Vented Cylinders

Vented Cylinders

Vented cylinders are common in older homes with open vented or heat-only boilers. They are essential in providing hot water for daily household activities such as bathing and cooking. If you’ve heard of the term “gravity-fed system,” you’ll understand how a vented cylinder works. Gravity feeds water to the cylinder from an external water header tank located in the loft space. The stored water is heated and kept at a constant temperature once it enters the cylinder.

To keep the water warm for an extended period of time, these cylinders are typically made of copper and have a thick insulation coating. They are extremely efficient and provide continuous hot water for all of your needs. However, because they rely on gravity, they may be less suitable for multi-story homes, and the water pressure may be less strong than with other systems.

It is important to note that vented cylinders must be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they operate safely and efficiently. For example, the header tank in the loft space must be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent debris from accumulating and affecting the water quality. If you’re not sure whether a vented cylinder is right for your home, talk to a heating professional who can recommend the best system for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A vented hot water cylinder is a common type of water storage tank that is commonly installed in a home’s loft. The cylinder is linked to a cold water storage tank as well as a hot water cylinder, allowing hot water to be supplied to taps and showers throughout the house. Gravity is used to provide hot water, with heated water flowing from the cylinder to the taps or shower and then back into the cylinder.

The cold water comes from a storage tank and is heated by a boiler or immersion heater. Vented hot water cylinders are generally less expensive and easier to install than unvented cylinders, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. However, it is critical that the system is regularly maintained by a qualified plumber to ensure that it operates efficiently and safely.

Gravity is important in providing hot water to taps and showers in a vented cylinder system. When hot water is required, it flows from the cylinder to the outlets via the pipework, propelled by the pressure created by the height difference between the cylinder and the taps.

When the hot water has been used, it is returned to the cylinder and replaced with cold water to be heated again. The cylinder receives cold water from a separate cold water storage tank, which is typically located in the loft. After being heated by a boiler or immersion heater, the cold water is distributed throughout the house. It is important to note that the system’s efficiency is determined by the height and location of the cold water storage tank and cylinder, as well as the diameter and slope of the pipework. Proper installation and routine maintenance can help to ensure that the vented cylinder system runs efficiently and reliably.

Vented hot water cylinders are less expensive and easier to install than unvented cylinders. They also require less maintenance and are less prone to pressure-related problems. Furthermore, they do not require a high water pressure system to function.

A variety of problems can arise in vented hot water cylinders, affecting their performance and reliability. Leaks are a common problem that can occur as a result of corrosion, tank damage, or faulty fittings. Corrosion can also cause cylinder deterioration over time, resulting in decreased efficiency and performance. Inadequate hot water or inconsistent water temperatures can also be caused by problems with the immersion heater or thermostat.

Problems with the cold water storage tank or piping, such as low water pressure or an insufficient supply of cold water, can also have an impact on the system’s performance. If you notice any unusual behaviour with your vented cylinder system, such as changes in water pressure or temperature, unusual noises, or leaks, you should contact a qualified plumber right away to diagnose and resolve the problem. Regular inspections and maintenance can also help identify potential issues before they become major issues, ensuring that your vented cylinder system operates efficiently and reliably.